Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cycling and Sickness

The last few days have been good training days as I didn't overindulge during the New Year's festivities, I was actually asleep by about 10:45 on New Year's Eve. Weak, I know. I did my weight work Monday here at work and then went home and had a nice dinner of steak and Alaskan King crab legs, and only a couple of adult beverages with dinner, namely Sprecher's Pipers Scotch Ale. Tuesday I did some work around the house and then did the roller/trainer combo for 4 hours. I went through 6 water bottles in that time, and I only had to get off to pee twice, not too bad. I started with 2 hours on the rollers, then jumped over to the trainer to do my Muscle Tension intervals for an hour, and then I went back to the rollers for another hour to cool down. I watched a lot of football, unfortunately neither of the games I watched were all that interesting but there wasn't much else on so I stuck with it and if anything it kept me from getting too bored. Yesterday was easily my longest ride in quite a while and hopefully that carries over to this weekend if the rain holds off as temps are supposed to be mid-30s on Saturday and low 50s on Sunday. I'd like to get in 4 hours each day if possible but we'll see depending on the rain, as there is no need to get sick trying to ride outside in January and ruin the following week of training. If I have to ride inside I'd probably be fine with that, but man, it sure would be nice to be outside again. Last year at this time I had at least 2, if not 3, 4 hour outdoor rides in December and the beginning of January, I had none this December because of the weather. Time is flying by and I think I'm about 95 days or less from the first race of the year, yikes. I actually get to kick it up a notch starting next week as I move in to the Preparation Period of my training and start working on Tempo work and get in to Steady State Intervals in addition to my Muscle Tension stuff. That will help break up the monotony of the normal endurance pace rides that I have been doing so that should make it more interesting. Other than that, I have swapped out some parts on my SS and now have a pretty decent rig, which I'll hopefully be able to take out this weekend. I'll also be posting some pics tonight of the headset press that I made for only $4.67 to put in the new headset for the SS, it was cheap and it worked very well, a way better option than getting a name brand tool to use once or twice every few years. Anyways, tonight is weight work and then I'll hit the rollers for about 90 minutes. I've caught a bit of a cold yesterday and am really feeling it this morning. I think I only slept about 2 hours total last night as I was constantly blowing my nose and my body aches made it difficult to get comfortable. I drank some coffee this morning and took some pills so I'm good for about the next 3 hours or so before I have to take another dose. It's a mid-major cold right now, hopefully it doesn't turn in to anything more than that and ruin what could be a good weekend of riding. Well, that's it for now, until next time................

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