Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank goodness they took the

Thank goodness they took the snow out of tomorrow's forecast. I think......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Mas

No Mas! That's what I was saying yesterday when I ended my 4 hour ride, I was pretty tired. It's been a while since I've done 4 hours, I can't really remember the last time actually, it had to be March or April of last year I'm guessing. I loved the weather though, sunny, warm, and hardly any wind. I did a big loop from New Berlin to Waukesha, out towards Mukwonago, back to Waukesha and then home. There were tons of riders, joggers, and families out walking, too bad today had to turn out like it did because I think everyone is ready for this weather to be here to stay. I wanted to do a century yesterday because I knew it wasn't going to be that warm for at least another week (maybe this weekend), and I declared earlier this year that I would do a century every month. Well, now it looks like I have to do that century this weekend, I don't have much of a choice, I'm sure I can manage on Sunday because Saturday there is a WCA race right by my house that I'm going to go over and watch for most of the day. I'll probably set up a grill and bring a cooler of beer, but then again, maybe I'll just ride over. So anyways, Sunday is the day right now for the century, the plan is to ride out to my parents house in Burlington, have some soda and a snack, say hello and turn around and come back. I'm also off of work, as much as possible anyways, this week. I have to do some e-mails and set up some network cutovers from home while I'm on vacation but I have to say it's better than actually being there. 6 days away from work will be great, yeah, it's only 6 because I was actually there working today for 2 hours to prep for vacation. It seems like there is always more work to do the week before vacation and the week after, so it's almost like not getting a break at all. Anyways, the plan is to ride for 3 hours or so per day this week, except for tomorrow which doesn't look all that great, and then do my big ride on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it, no doubt about that. Other than that, I'll be doing some landscaping this week, housework, and just getting some odds and ends done. I'll also be riding with my dad out in Burlington one day this week too, not sure what he has planned yet but I'll try not to hurt him too much. Well, I'll give regular vacation updates this week and hopefully the weather cooperates for all my plans.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Detour In To Darkness

Unfortunately a detour in to darkness is exactly what I got last night as I was out for what was a planned 90 minute ride which would get me home at 7:30, which happens to be sunset. Well, I didn't get home until 8:05 as I was about 3 miles from home and hit a closed road that detoured me about 2 miles back from where I just came, another two miles west, where I was earlier in the ride, and then finally home coming 3 miles from the other direction. It was pitch black when I hit the driveway and the only thing lighting my way home was the light from the cars which were surprised I'm sure to see a cyclist on the road at that time. Thankfully they were all polite and no one gave me the business for being out without a light. I say thankfully for them, not for me, because if anyone would've said something there would've been a throwdown, I wasn't in the best mood after having my HR pegged around 190 for 30 minutes trying to fly home. I need to figure out a way to get my shoes off quickly though during those times, they put cyclists at a definite disadvantage if someone gets out of their car. "Excuse me, can you wait while I get these shoes off, thanks..." usually won't cut it after you just hurled a verbal barrage at some redneck in a truck....not that I'm stereotyping people who drive trucks...or rednecks. That's experience talking though, especially riding on as many farm roads as I've ridden on, that's just the way it is. Anyways, it was a good ride in spite of that, I was pegged for 45 minutes at least of my 2 hour ride and the weather was perfect and there were lots of people out and about. I'm sore today though so the plan is to do a bit of a recovery ride for about 75 minutes and then relax tonight. I'll see what the weather holds the next few days but it looks o.k. so far so I'm thinking there are quite a few hours of riding in my near future. Chipotle is on the menu today with Dave, fuel for tonight's ride, can't wait.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Now my heart is full
Now my heart is full
And I just can't explain
So I won't even try to.....

O.K., maybe I'll try...........I rode 3 and a half hours yesterday, it was amazing, I felt great. I couldn't have had a much better day on the bike, well, if I had more time and more energy in reserves I guess there'd be that chance. Saw plenty of bikers, some groups of 3 to 4 riders. Those I chased and some chasers, none caught and not caught myself, but the excitement was there, my heart was full of cycling and it couldn't have been a better day.
Today was a cloudy, windy, cold day as predicted but I had nary a disappointing feeling, I was at peace knowing there are more days than not to come that were like yesterday. Looking at the upcoming forecast gave me hope that the next couple of days are winter's last hold on us, clinging desperately, but I have to say, NOT everyday is like Sunday, not everyday is silent and grey. I'm ready to ride, even if it does take a couple more days to do so....until then, here is how I spent my day....

Friday, April 03, 2009

Keepin' On

If anything is "keepin' on", it's winter. Temps have been pretty good of late, but as typical of Spring we've been getting showers on and off so riding has been sparse, but there are obviously better days to come. Sunday isn't one of them though as we are forecasted to get either no snow or 4 to 7 inches "depending upon conditions" as the weathermen say. It's supposed to be in the low to mid 30s so my guess is that we'll get just enough to piss me off, but hopefully not enough to where I have to shovel. Either way, riding will not happen outdoors on Sunday. Today and tomorrow though look like adequate enough temps to ride outside so I'll be hitting the roads for about 75-90 minutes tonight and then hopefully 3 hours tomorrow for a couple of leisurely rides. Today is supposed to be 47-49 but with hefty winds in the 20-30mph range, so I'll get a workout whether I want it or not.
On another note, I've harped on this in the past, actually the last two years at this time, but it looks like the first WCA race will be cancelled again. I'll stand on my soapbox one more time and say - Why on earth are we starting races the first week of April in Wisconsin and finishing the season in July essentially??? It makes no sense, everyone can complain about working around Superweek and such and being wasted after that is over, but there is no reason that after a break of a couple weeks that WCA races can't resume through the first week of September. Don't schedule the first two races at least in April and move them to the back end of the schedule. If there is concern that people won't do those races because the "season" is done, then don't schedule any races in April and put 4 or 5 races after Superweek so that it forces the racers to go to those races if they want to get points. Anyways, it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't rant about this every year. I don't want to hear from mountain bikers and cyclocrossers either, if you do both and the schedules conflict then just make a choice which one you want to do, nothing will ever make everyone happy. And by the way, after all the Superweek issues last year I think they've gone down hill anyways, and with the first half of the schedule heavy with Illinois races, who really cares anymore, it's not what it used to be.
So here is where I went for dinner last night, it was o.k, nothing special. They just opened though so the menu is limited right now until they get going and they aren't really a "Brew Haus" yet as they don't have the permits but I was told they are expecting to either sell (their label) or make their own beer by summer, but I don't think the waiter really knew. They had the bare minimum of Miller, Guinness, Stella, Spotted Cow, and one or two others that I don't remember. I was expecting something different I guess since it just opened by my house and I was excited to go with the thought that I was going to get some new microbrew from them. When I walked in and didn't see any tanks I knew I was going to be disappointed. Oh well, I'll come back in 3 or 4 months to see if they've made any progress. If they don't live up to the "Brew Haus" name of actually making Brew then I don't think they'll last very long.