Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sad Day in Cycling

So I don't have much to say about my training which has been going o.k., but I will say that today is a sad day for cycling fans and for racers alike. Rasmussen has been pulled from the Tour by his own team, the second time a Tour leader has been kicked out of the race while it's in progress. I thought it was over after Sinkewitz, then Vino was positive, then Moreni this, after already being a Tour leader that everyone was suspicious of, Rasmussen is out. Contador's possible win will be a sidenote to what has been a circus affair. Anyways, I'll be riding tonight, but I'm going to pour out my Accelerade for water, don't want to be accused of trying to enhance my performance. Until next time......

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yeah...I'm Still Here

After a bit of a short hiatus I am back on the bike and just doing some miles to get the legs back under me. I felt really good last night as I did 2 hours of slow to medium paced riding, a little above endurance pace but I wasn't really pushing it. I'm just enjoying riding right now, not really thinking about intervals or sprints or anything like that. I've got enough going on around the house to keep myself busy this week that I'm guessing none of my rides will be over 2 hours until the weekend. I'll ride a bit longer this weekend 3-4 hours, and then will probably kick it up a bit for the work week next week and do 2.5 to 3 again after work. As for tonight I'm hoping to make it to the Whitnall Park SuperWeek race but it all depends on if the rain holds out. And I'm not talking about racing in it either, I mean watching it. No racing for me until August. It's a fun race to watch, especially seeing the riders come around that off-camber uphill turn.....secretly hoping for someone to catch a pedal. Well, not really. So, I guess there isn't much going on now, just doing my easy rides, getting stuff done around the house and gaining a few pounds. Pretty much enjoying life. Until next time..............

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rested And Ready To Go...I Think

Well, it's been a few days and I haven't ridden at all since Saturday as I've been taking a complete off-the-bike midsummer rest. I'm going to jump back on tonight and take a nice, easy 2 hour ride, probably part of it with my wife. It's been nice to be completely detached from cycling for the last 5 days as it's really helped give me the time to get a few things done around the house, practice my guitar, and just get away from the mental and physical stresses of being on the bike for the last 9 months. After tonight I'll probably jump on the bike again tomorrow for a short ride and then kick it back up again over the weekend. Not sure how much time I put in but I'll gradually begin ramping up the duration up until my next race, which won't be until August, but not sure which one I'll start with but I'll definitely be racing in August. Well, time to get back to work, I'll update more later tonight after getting back on the bike.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taking A Break

Well, another bad race, I'm just not on top form anymore, kinda blowin' it lately. I don't even know what I finished, didn't bother checking because I sat up in the sprint and got passed by a lot of guys. It was just so hot and I wasn't handling it very well, didn't feel all that great but I tried a little dig in the middle of the race to see if I could get away. 3 other guys went with me and only one other guy worked, the other 2 just sat there, for whatever reason they didn't try to come around for a pull. What the hell sense does that make?? Why would you make the effort to get in to a break and then not do anything to make sure it stays away. Maybe they just wanted to be able to say they tried to get away to impress someone or their family was at the race, who knows. In the end, it didn't matter because I just didn't have anything. So, basically now I'm going to take a break this week, no biking until at least Thursday, a physical and mental break. Then this weekend I'll be kicking back up the aerobic rides again after doing lots of intervals in the last few weeks. I'll do a few longs rides for a few weeks and then kick it up again. Not sure what the plan is after that, or what races I'll do, we'll see. Well, that's it for now, I'll update again next weekend. Until next time......

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Tapering big in not riding at all the last couple of days. Didn't ride Sunday or Monday and I got sick last night and have had a fever today along with chills, probably won't ride tonight. I'll hopefully be good tomorrow and will ride Wed, Thurs, and Friday ahead of Saturday's race. Tapering is supposed to be good right? Probably not quite how it works though. Oh well, all I know is that the recliner will feel good tonight.....well, not much to say, hopefully lots more to say tomorrow. Until next time.....