Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sunny Days

....well, until tomorrow anyways when it's supposed to rain. Today was sunny though, and I got to enjoy it with a lot of yard work and a 3 and a half hour ride. I am really sore now though and ready for bed, my legs hurt, my back hurts, and my arms...well, they don't hurt I guess. My legs got a good work out today as I did some driveway sealing and then used the push mower for my 1/2 acre lawn, that's a lot of walking for me. After mowing the lawn I went out and did my bike ride, so basically my legs got about 5 hours of continuous exercise, not too shabby. The rest of the evening was spent laying on the couch watching some TV and keeping the legs up, they really needed some rest and now hopefully the weather will hold out tomorrow morning so I can get in another ride before the rain comes. There is a 60% chance of rain and it's supposed to start about 9:00ish, and before that the temps will only be about 41-43 degrees so it will be tough to get in a morning ride. If the forecast calls for rain all day then I may go in to work to use the workout facilities, but we'll see, I dislike being there on a work day, I certainly don't want to have to go there on a day off. I don't want to ride the trainer already this Fall but I may have to just to get the blood flowing through the legs after today's ride to help in recovery. It's all up in the air right now and I'll just decide in the morning I guess.

Other than that, I just saw on Velonews that Vinokourov wants to come back again and ride for Astana next year, I think that's would be complete bullshit if they let him ride again. I hope the UCI goes to the CAS and appeals his one year suspension and pushes for the longer term, I really don't want to see him come back next year, he deserves to sit out at least a couple of years and really serve his punishment. I'd have a hard time believing that the ASO would allow Astana to ride the Tour next year if Vino is riding for them, having said that, I can't imagine that Contador would stick around on that team, he'd be smart to leave. Levi should leave as well and get on a team that's guaranteed a spot, a safe team if you will, just so we can see if he can really beat Alberto, only because I think Alberto's comments about Levi at the Vuelta were a crock of crap.
Well, that's my rant for now, more to come tomorrow, including a couple links that you all need to check out every once in a while. PLUS, another beer review!

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