Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Beer, Less Biking

That is what's in the works. I'm going to put my off-season trainer riding on hold for now until I figure out my asymmetry issue that has plagued me since I started riding again in 2006. I still can't ride the bike without rubbing my left leg against the seatpost, I've worn completely through two pairs of short legs riding this way and deformed the left side of two saddles in two years. I'm done riding until I can figure that out, I'm just completely perplexed, it's really freakin' pissing me off. More beer drinking for now I guess, less riding.

Seriously, WTF???!!!!


Dave said...

The answer to all your problems sits right here: http://www.moonsaddle.com/MoonSaddle_p/ms-saddle.htm. Show up to a race with that on your Cannondale!

Brian said...

That's nice, now if I didn't need a seatpost I'd be all set. Someone needs make a bendable seatpost that I can just tilt to the right.