Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Good Winter Day.....

....For some snowshoeing. I got up this morning and had some oatmeal and espresso and headed out the door to Valley View Park for two loops of the trails. It was not a bad morning, temps were in the mid 20s, it was cloudy but not breezy, and I was bundled up so I was feeling good. I'm fairly out of shape so 90 minutes on the snowshoes was more than enough for me, I was already better than the last time I went though and could have completed another quarter of a loop more in the same time if I wanted. No bike ride today, feet are sore from being on them more then I'm used to so tomorrow will be a two-session bike day and I will take the day off from snowshoeing. I'll do a roller ride in the morning and then a trainer ride in the afternoon or evening tomorrow while watching the 2006 Giro, a dominating performance by Basso, hopefully pre EPO/CERA/Blood doping. I have to also say I feel bad for my parents down in Burlington, only about 35 minutes away but in the last two days they got about a foot of snow and I only got about 3 inches, it's amazing how only a 25-30 mile difference can have such a disparity in the snowfall. Good for me though, too bad for them.




Dave Hanrahan said...

Do you wear you HRM while snowshoeing? I wore mine last winter during my winter hikes through Ridge Run County Park and found that my effort was pretty close to a 4 mph treadmill walk: 100-110 bpm ... reasonably good training at the low end of aerobic, but better still as a head-clearing change-of-pace opportunity to get outside.

I got my new DVD player for the home gym today and celebrated with a 2-hour trainer ride. I watched the "Race Day" DVD that came with the trainer, then finished up with the 3rd quarter of the Cardinals-Panthers game. Now it's off the bed for a little reading before "lights out." I'm starting "Blazing Saddles: The Cruel and Unusual History of the Tour De France," which I got from the library this afternoon.

ABC: Always Be Cycling.

Brian Carlson said...

I did wear a HRM last year and it was a better workout than a typical endurance ride on the bike. The Valley View trails have rolling hills so my average HR for a typical loop was about 163. I do try to push the pace a bit. I can hit about 185 on the steepest hills.
Nice pickup on the book, I saw that on some random bike site e-mail that I got and thought about getting it, I suppose I should check my local library as well. It's about time on the DVD player, now maybe I can lend you some of my race DVDs for some extra training motivation.