Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bad result, Not Quite There Yet

Well, today was my last tune-up race before SuperWeek starts for me on the 10th and I should've been feeling really good and been near top form but I wasn't near where I wanted to be today. I ended up in 11th place in today's Elm Grove Criterium in a bunch sprint and would've been even further back had I not passed 3 or 4 guys with my suddenly improving sprint finish. The last 3 or 4 races my sprint has improved quite a bit and I am now passing guys in the finish instead of getting passed by just about everybody. Unfortunately my plan didn't work out today to attack the race and go for the win because my legs just weren't on top form, no other excuse than that. I went to the front and led the pack a few times but when I tried to push the pace to test myself I could tell my legs weren't really responding well. Part of the problem was that my schedule got messed up this week with the rain on Wednesday not allowing me to ride. I was supposed to do intervals Tuesday and Wednesday and then have an easy day Thursday. Instead I did intervals on Tuesday, rode for an hour on the rollers Wednesday at Endurance Pace and then did intervals on Thursday instead. Friday I only did a short 20 minute Recovery Ride because I worked late and spent time with the family. Training this week just wasn't optimal for my race today, and hopefully the weather will cooperate the next week or two so that I'll be good to go for SuperWeek. Anyways, my plan today was to attack on the last lap up a hill before the final bend but unfortunately a Wheel & Sprocket guy went with 2 laps to go and the pack caught him on the last lap right before the hill, so of course everyone pushed it right away and we were just going way to fast to make a go of it. I had good position though and was still able to pass a few people for 11th. After having 3 horrible placings to start the year....20th, 26th, 32nd I've turned it around the last 4 races with placings of 3rd, 18th, 8th, and 11th. The 18th place was an anomaly because in that race I attacked on the last lap and the pack caught me and I was too blown for the sprint. I've moved up from 21st to 12th as of last week in the Wisconsin Cup standings and with my 5th place today in the 30+ age group I should now be in the top 10. Not too shabby for a guy who hasn't ridden a bike in 3 or 4 years. Well, here's a couple pics from today's race, we had a pretty decent size field....

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