Friday, June 30, 2006

Tour De France Disaster!!!!

Wow!!!! I can't express how much disappointment I'm feeling right now over the doping scandal at the Tour De France. Whatever happens ultimately during this Tour will be tainted by the suspension of so many riders and the winner will have an asterisk as the guy that won during the doping year. It's like winning the SuperBowl during a strike year with a bunch of scrubs. Who wants to win that way? Sure, the winner is probably going to be someone who would've contended anyways, but without Jan and Ivan, it just isn't the same. The chances for the top Americans, Floyd, Levi, and George have definitely increased and I think the winner will be one of those three. Should be an interesting Tour this year, although one that will be remembered as a sad example of the problems in cycling.
Well, that was my rant. As far as my non-drug aided training is going...I've been feeling o.k. the last couple of days but not quite up to par. I've been fairly tired from the intense training and am probably not getting as much recovery time as I'd like as I've been up at 5:15-5:30 everyday this week and not getting to bed until about 11:00. All that will change after today as I don't have to come back to work until August 2nd. Woohooo!!! I'll have plenty of time to rest before, during, and after my SuperWeek races. Next week we are going camping for 4 days right before SuperWeek starts for me on the 10th. I'll be doing nothing but 1 to 1.5 hour Recovery Rides for the 4 days and then I get to lay on the beach the rest of the day and just relax. I'll do a little kayaking, some hiking (but not too much), and lots of sleeping under the shade umbrella. I do have a race tomorrow and one on Sunday, and the plan for both days is a little different. Tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain, I will try to attack and do my best to win the race as it is my last real tune-up race before SuperWeek. If I can get top 3 I'll know I'm right on pace for SuperWeek in 10 days. Sunday I'll be doing a Wisport race in support of my friend and co-worker Dave, who is doing his first race ever!!! We'll be racing in Omro on a relatively flat course and I'll do my best to protect Dave from any crashing and I'll tow him around the course as fast as he can handle. It should be a fun day as I haven't done a mass start citizen race in about 16 years and it's more relaxed than a USCF race. Well, tonight is basically a rest night, only a 1 hour recovery ride and then obviously my race tomorrow. I'll let you all know tomorrow night how I did.

Say it isn't so, Der Kaiser!!!!!!!!!!!

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