Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Mas

No Mas! That's what I was saying yesterday when I ended my 4 hour ride, I was pretty tired. It's been a while since I've done 4 hours, I can't really remember the last time actually, it had to be March or April of last year I'm guessing. I loved the weather though, sunny, warm, and hardly any wind. I did a big loop from New Berlin to Waukesha, out towards Mukwonago, back to Waukesha and then home. There were tons of riders, joggers, and families out walking, too bad today had to turn out like it did because I think everyone is ready for this weather to be here to stay. I wanted to do a century yesterday because I knew it wasn't going to be that warm for at least another week (maybe this weekend), and I declared earlier this year that I would do a century every month. Well, now it looks like I have to do that century this weekend, I don't have much of a choice, I'm sure I can manage on Sunday because Saturday there is a WCA race right by my house that I'm going to go over and watch for most of the day. I'll probably set up a grill and bring a cooler of beer, but then again, maybe I'll just ride over. So anyways, Sunday is the day right now for the century, the plan is to ride out to my parents house in Burlington, have some soda and a snack, say hello and turn around and come back. I'm also off of work, as much as possible anyways, this week. I have to do some e-mails and set up some network cutovers from home while I'm on vacation but I have to say it's better than actually being there. 6 days away from work will be great, yeah, it's only 6 because I was actually there working today for 2 hours to prep for vacation. It seems like there is always more work to do the week before vacation and the week after, so it's almost like not getting a break at all. Anyways, the plan is to ride for 3 hours or so per day this week, except for tomorrow which doesn't look all that great, and then do my big ride on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it, no doubt about that. Other than that, I'll be doing some landscaping this week, housework, and just getting some odds and ends done. I'll also be riding with my dad out in Burlington one day this week too, not sure what he has planned yet but I'll try not to hurt him too much. Well, I'll give regular vacation updates this week and hopefully the weather cooperates for all my plans.

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