Saturday, February 25, 2006

Baby it's cold outside!!

It was a cold one out today, about 28 degrees with a 16 degree wind chill but I still managed to ride outside for 2 hours and was so glad that I got to get out of the house. It's days like today that really improve mental toughness because if I can ride outside in 20-25mph winds on a cold day then most other training rides in the Winter and Spring will seem easy. Not to mention that I know that there are other guys riding outside today and mentally I have to know that I'm keeping pace with them and not just spinning away on the rollers. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 31 degrees with winds of 5-10mph so it will be easy to get out and might even seem warm! I suppose I should include a picture but I have none of me riding today as my wife had the digital camera all day in Chicago, so here is a picture of my racing jersey and helmet.......

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