Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tired Legs

Well, back to riding today after a nice rest day yesterday in which I also had off of work so I did a lot of running around to get some things done. Today I was scheduled for 1 hour and 30 minutes and I did complete that but it was a little difficult as I was generally feeling fatigued. I was up approximately 10 times last night for no reason and woke up feeling extremely tired today. The lack of sleep led to a tired mind and body so after about 45 minutes today I felt like quitting but I found motivation through the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet that I keep on my left wrist. Lance Armstrong found himself capable of riding at least an hour a day even when he was going through chemotherapy so if I think about that I'll be damned if I don't complete the rides I schedule, especially when I have no illness that prevents me from doing it. I was going to say that I was proud to finish my ride, but pride doesn't really factor in to it, more or less I should say that I'm glad I wasn't too lazy to finish. On a funny note, 15 seconds after this picture was taken by my lovely wife I completely wiped out in to the curio cabinet behind me and fell flat on the ground in about 2 milliseconds, I was too busy thinking about how cool I looked in the picture to keep my eye on the rollers.......

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