Friday, October 05, 2007

Lights Out!

No, I didn't get knocked out or anything but I could've if somebody didn't see me last night as I rode in the dark after my headlight system died after only 2 minutes. I went out for a nice 90 minute ride after work and knew that obviously I'd be getting home in the dark so I was all set with my awesome light system. I used it on Wednesday's ride and didn't even think twice about it as I set out towards Waukesha for a nice leisurely ride. As it got dark just before 7:00 I turned it on and noticed that the glow was pretty faint, 2 minutes later the light died completely. I had to put it in overdrive at that point heading home so that I minimized my chances of getting hit by someone that didn't see me. I used the New Berlin Rec Trail to cut out most of the street riding but I had a nice 20 minute ride back to my house down a busy Sunnyslope Rd. still ahead of me. It was pretty dark although I was helped by the red kit I was wearing so I wasn't too worried that I'd get hit but I definitely kept a watchful eye out for the drivers and sat up pretty straight so that I made myself more visible. I pulled in to my driveway between 7:20 and 7:25 and it was dang dark by then, definitely not safe enough to ride without a light but I made it home safely. I guess that will teach me to charge my light after not using it since early Spring. Dumb move.
Anyways, I felt good and although I wanted to take it easy yesterday and work on my one-legged pedaling I had to put in a little more effort than I had planned in order to get home quickly. I definitely got my intake of protein on the Rec trail as I frequently plowed through huge clouds of bugs that were just floating there like every 1/2 mile. Deeeelicious! So today is a day off the bike and I will be relaxing a bit and doing my stretching and ab work while I watch a movie. Tomorrow I've got to be up early and on the road by 7:00 so I can get in a long ride before the Badger game at 11:00. I'll be listening to the game while I'm doing the yard work most of the afternoon. It'll be nice to have my ride in early and be out working for most of the beautiful afternoon, it'll be close to 85 degrees! On another note, can you believe that the #5 team in the nation is an underdog to a team that has won 2 conference games in the last two years combined!! What kind of crap is that, I hope the Badgers kick their ass just to prove a point. If their pride doesn't carry them to a win then they should just bag it for the rest of the year, has the #5 team ever been an underdog to an unranked team in the history of college football, I doubt it! Can't wait to listen to that game, and run inside and watch it every now and then. That's it for now, until next time.....

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