Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wiped Out

Wow, what a tough weekend to really get back in to the full-on training with this heat and humidity. It's nice in the summer to work up to this kind of heat and your body gets trained to handle it, but when it just comes on like this and then you have to go out and do 3 and 4 hours, it can be tough. The theme for me this weekend as I'm sure it was with everyone was to just drink, drink, drink. I bet I drank more liquids in the last 2 days than I have in any 2 day period this entire year, I have no doubt about that. Today I went through a full Camelback, and 2 large bottles on my ride and then re-filled one of the bottles at a park and drank all of that before I got back home. I was sweating buckets and after a while I couldn't even wear my sunglasses because so much sweat was dripping in my eyes that I was sick of taking them off to wipe the sweat off. Anyways, enough about the heat, I'll enjoy it next summer but for now I'll take some Fall temps. So as far as riding, I rode more this weekend (7 hours) than I have since probably August and I could definitely feel it in my body. Yesterday wasn't too bad, the first day never is, but today I could tell I was hurting a little bit. My quads were especially sore, and my ass hurt from not enough hours on the bike lately. It felt good though and I'm ready to rock this week and next weekend. This week will be a relatively tame week, about 1.25 hours per day during the week, mostly on the trainer I'm sure after work and then next weekend will be another 3 hour and 4 hour day, not sure which day will be the longer of the 2 yet though. I swapped my rides around this weekend from my original plan because of football. I was going to do 4 yesterday and 3 today but realized I wouldn't be back before the start of the Badger game so I swapped and did 3 yesterday and 4 today, and unfortunately I got to see the game. Boy the Badgers were simply disappointing, their defense absolutely stinks this year, who would've thought that they'd be this bad after a great defensive year in 2006? Not me. Well, it's a late night, it's been a long weekend and I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow is a rest day off the bike, I'll do some stretching and basically relax. Until next time....

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