Saturday, December 23, 2006

Flooding And Hypothermia

Today was not the best day to go riding outside, not because of the 40 degree temperature or the 20-30mph winds, but because all of the rain we've had in the last few days created some nice big puddles and overflowing rivers. Well, if I would have ridden on the road today that wouldn't have been a problem but I decided to try to keep out of the wind and take my ride off the road on to the Root River Parkway which is shielded by lots of trees. To keep a long story short, I ended up falling over in about 2.5ft of water trying to cross a flooded section of the river as the trail went under a bridge. I was about 50 minutes in to my scheduled 2.5 hour ride so with my feet, left leg, and left arm completely soaked I made a beeline home as fast as I could and made it to my front door in about 40 minutes. Both of my feet were frozen, my left leg was numb and my left hand was frozen around the handlebars. I quickly threw off all my clothes and filled up the bottom of the tub with lukewarm water and stuck my feet in the tub. It actually hurt a little bit as my toes started to thaw out, mainly because I think I could actually feel pain now as they weren't numb anymore. After about 10 minutes of doing that I was a little disappointed that my ride got cut short so I decided to quick jump in to some dry clothes and run downstairs to finish my last hour on the trainer. I went harder than normal without actually thinking about it because I think I was subconsciously trying to get as warm as possible and forget about the shivering. Soooo, it was a good day of training despite getting really wet in 40 degree temperatures and heavy winds and I got in my 2.5 hours (1.5 on the road, 1 inside). Obviously it could've been better if I didn't fall over in a river but then I wouldn't have had this good story to tell. Well, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, about 45 degrees and winds of only 5-10mph so I'm looking forward to a long, dry, ride on the road. Our X-mas Eve festivities start at 3:00 so I'm going to hit the road at about 9:00 and do 3-3.5 hours, which is over my scheduled 2 hours, but how many 45 degree days do you get in December? I'm hoping for 3.5 hours but we'll see how much time I have after eating breakfast, I'd like to hit 6 hours over 2 days for the second weekend in a row. Gotta get those aerobic hours in while I can......Until next time......stay dry!

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