Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Staying Dry

If you read my last post from Saturday then you'll know that I fell in to a flooded river while trying to traverse a trail under a bridge. Well, Saturday night after I had warmed up a bit I was starting to feel a little under the weather and then I woke up Sunday morning with a nasty sore throat and head cold. I'm sure it wasn't related to falling in to the water as it wouldn't have come on that quick and BEING cold doesn't give you a cold. I'm sure it was something that had been waiting to hit me for a few days and I think all the shivering and trying to stay warm after falling in the water weakened my immune system enough to let the cold take hold. I tried to ride Sunday and managed about an hour before I was feeling too sick to continue so I decided to rest before we headed off to our X-mas festivities. Monday morning I woke up feeling a bit better after medicating myself Sunday night and it was a normally scheduled rest day so I didn't have to ride and basically rested most of the day. By Tuesday I felt really good again and of course had to come back to work and felt great by the end of the day. I had a ride scheduled for 2 hours and did almost all of that, 1hour 50 minutes, on the trainer with 10 Power Stomps thrown in as my secondary exercise. I cut it 10 minutes short because I didn't jump on the trainer until 8:15 and then by the time I was closing in on 2 hours my dog was bugging the heck out of me to be let outside to go to the bathroom. I jumped off the trainer at 1'50'' to let him out and by the time I got back in I just decided to forego the final 10 minutes as I was already cooled down and there was really no point in finishing 10 more minutes. So, anyways, I felt great overall and felt especially strong during my Power Stomps of which I was only supposed to do 6 but felt so good that I decided to do 10. Tonight I have a ride of 1.75 hours scheduled and also I'll be doing weight work. I kick up my weights tonight and jump in to the Strength phase of weight training where I decrease the reps and obviously increase the weight. I'll do this phase for the next 4 weeks and then go back down to the High Volume phase to allow my body to recover. After 2 weeks of the High Volume Phase I will do one more phase of Strength and then quit weights as most of my riding moves outside and all of my muscular work will be done on the bike. Tomorrow I have another ride of 2 hours (hopefully all of it) and then Friday is a rest day. The weather is looking iffy for outdoor riding this weekend but hopefully that will change before Saturday. Well, until next time.............

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