Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nice Weather....Too Bad.

So the weather has been great for December and it's been 40-45 degrees the last few days and is supposed to stay that way all week with the low temp of the week being Sunday with a forecasted high of 36. Too bad I'll be inside at work all week so I can't even get out and ride but there is hope for Friday as I have a vacation day scheduled. I'm on a scheduled rest week so I'm only supposed to do 2.5 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. With Sunday being X-mas Eve I'm thinking I'm going to move my rides up a day and do 2.5 to 3 hours on Friday when the temp is supposed to be 45 and then do 2 to 2.5 hours on Saturday when it's supposed to be 38 degrees. Normally Friday is a rest day so it works out perfectly that I'll be on vacation and I can ride during the day and still do my normal Friday night dinner and beers (only 1 or 2 of course). I had a great two days of riding this past weekend with a little over 6 hours between Saturday and Sunday and it's going to be hard not to ride just as much this weekend but I'm sure my wife will have me busy preparing for X-mas so I might not have a choice. Anyways, yesterday was a rest day on the bike but I did do weights and today I'll be doing 1.75 hours on the trainer when I get home with some Stomps thrown in. Tomorrow is weights and a 1 hour spin on the trainer, Thursday is 1.75 hours again with Fast Pedal excercises. Friday and Saturday I'll do my plan above and then Sunday and Monday will probably be rest days because I'll be busy doing the family stuff for X-mas. I'll try to squeeze in a ride on Sunday though if I can, maybe an hour or hour and a half after all the festivities just to burn off some of the food that I know I'll consume in mass quantities. Overall I'm feeling o.k., I've had a toothache the last week or so and I went to the dentist today and all he did is take x-rays and re-schedule me for another appointment on Jan. 2nd. That means my tooth will hurt for another two weeks and hopefully it doesn't get any worse. It hasn't affected my biking but I've stopped eating Powerbars in favor of gels for the last week so it looks like I've got another two weeks at least of eating more of those gooey treats. As a side note, I think that gels must contain mass quantities of fat because I've gained 4 lbs. since last week and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 2 days of family X-mas cookie baking that we did. I only ate like 50 cookies, that's what, like 5 grams of fat? It's gotta be the gels, I'll research it and let you all know, might need to eat a few more cookies as my placebo group. Until next time......

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