Monday, August 13, 2007

Riding And Feeling Alright

I've been riding the last few days, 4 straight to be exact and have felt pretty darn good. Considering that I rode only like 6 times in the last month before this past week, I'm happy to have done 4 rides in a row. I'll be riding every day this week except for Thursday, and will ride every day next week up until the Chiro Crit on the 25th. I guess for now the plan is to do the race, but that could change. I changed my mind after jumping on the bike for 2-2.5 hours the last 4 days and although I didn't really try any crazy repeated hard efforts I was still able to average 20mph for the most part by myself, although yesterday was a little windy and I could tell I was getting tired so I turned it down a notch and averaged only 18.6. Tonight I'll be doing about 2 hours again but I'll take it easy as I'm planning on doing intervals tomorrow and Wednesday so I want to be rested up. I know that the anaerobic stuff will be hard to get back in two weeks but I don't really have a choice so I'll do as much as I can up until the race and will just have to suffer with whatever shape I'm in by then. I'm going to do SteadyState type intervals this week and then next week I'll do some SpeedIntervals and PowerIntervals. Obviously two weeks of intervals will do nothing to help get me in shape for the race, but it's better than not doing any at all. After the Chiro race on the 25th, the plan is to then keep training and do the Fort Atkinson Wisport race on the 8th of September. It's a 100K race, and I'm sure there will be a lot of fast guys there, should be a good challenge. I'll also be doing at least one century, the Cream City ride, and maybe one or two more centuries on my own in the next month or so just to get the miles in. Let's see, what else, oh, I've dropped 5 lbs. of the weight I gained this past month, I went from 178 to 188 in a month, but I'm now down to a consistent 183 after cutting back on the food the past two weeks and getting back to being active around the house and on the bike. I'm guessing I can be back down to 178 by the time the Fort race rolls around. Other than that, my boss is back to work after 3 weeks, so I'm no longer feeling the stress of handling everything at work, which is obviously a huge burden off my shoulders, I was happier today than anytime in the last 3 weeks. Well, that's it for now....until next time......

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