Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Riding..Riding..And More Riding

I leave for Florida on Sunday for a whole week, returning on the 9th of December. Unfortunately it's not for pleasure as I'll be going out there for business and will not have an opportunity to ride my bike at all for the whole week. I'm staying at an extended stay hotel which is more of an apartment type complex so there is no workout center either. I will have a few opportunities to work out though, it is Florida so it will be sunny and warm so I'll be doing some jogging for as long as my knees can handle it. The hotel does have two amenities that I can use, one is a basketball court and that can be a good workout if I play some Hustle with a few co-workers, and they also have a pool so I can do some laps in that as well. Of course I'll also do my stretching and ab work to keep myself limber so that won't change. One problem will be that all the food is free and there is a lot of eating while we are down there, so I will need to temper my appetite as much as possible, I'm sure I won't do to good in that area though.
So anyways, I am really cranking out the time on the bike this week ahead of the lack of riding next week. I rode last night for 75 minutes on my normal rest day, in addition to doing weights. I rode this morning for 45 minutes on the trainer and will ride again tonight for 90 minutes. I'll do the same tomorrow with rides in the morning and evening, and you guessed it, I will ride in the morning and evening on Thursday as well. Friday night I have plans so I'll do weights and then it will be a normal rest day on the bike. Saturday I'm hoping for 4-4.5 hours outside and then my flight out on Sunday is in the afternoon so I should have time to squeeze in 3-3.5 hours outside on Sunday. I'll definitely have a good amount of time in the saddle ahead of leaving, potentially 15 hours this week, so I won't feel all that bad as long as I maintain some activity next week. Well, that's it for now, I'll update before I leave Sunday, until next time.........

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