Friday, November 09, 2007

Turn Up The Heat

Well, the temps are gradually dropping, this morning I had to scrape my windshield for the first time this Fall, that's not a good sign. Supposedly it's supposed to get up to the mid to upper 40s today and be sunny for the most part so I guess that's not a bad day. Tomorrow will be about the same but Sunday is calling for 60% chance of rain, let's hope that holds off. I was going to take off of work this afternoon to get some stuff done around the house, but I don't want to have to come back to do weights, and I definitely want to get my weight work in today (shout out to Dave H.). So I'll tough it out here today and get my housework done tomorrow and Sunday. The plan tonight is to do weights after work, go home and eat a nice dinner with the family and then have a bit of a "family night". Usually that involves hanging out downstairs and playing pool, darts, board games and watching a movie, but tonight that will also include playing a little Guitar Hero III on the Wii.

I'll try to get to bed early but Friday nights always seem to be a late night so we'll see what happens. Either way I'll be up early on Saturday and out on the road for about 4 hours, probably towards Mukwonago tomorrow and then I'll add on my NB Rec Trail loop to make it an even 4 hours. After that I'll get home and mow the lawn, put plastic up on the sliding patio door, trim up the bushes one last time, burn some brush and by then it will probably be dark. I'll go in the garage after that and do some tune-up work on my Sears Garden tractor, and will probably put on the snow tires and the plow so that I don't have to do that when it's 20 degrees outside. Last year I had to shovel my driveway and it took almost an hour during a good snowstorm so this year I'll have it plowed in hopefully about 15 minutes or less. I'll save the strain on my back as well, maybe I'll shovel every once in a while for a bit of an arm workout......but probably not. Sunday I'll try to get out in the morning if the rain is holding off and I'll get in 3 hours if I can before the Packer game. If it's raining I'll sleep in and then ride indoors during the game, time on the trainer seems to pass quickly when watching football. After that I'll just rest up the remainder of the night and let the legs and body recover from a busy weekend.

If my calculations are correct there is only something like 150 days left until the first race, yikes, it's coming quick. Alright, that is plenty of time, but I'm sure it will go fast and I can't wait. Some guys on the team are still racing, Scoots and Eck are up doing Iceman this weekend, I can't imagine still racing in November, but Scoots has some races to make up after his end of year crashes and subsequent healing. Plus Eck says that Scoots still has some kick-ass form even after that layoff. The guy is a natural.......

Well, that's it for now, until next time..........

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