Friday, March 20, 2009


It sure is weird how time seems to drag during the week while I'm at work and yet the weekends seem to fly by so quickly. It isn't time space continuum because I think that's some sort of weird thing with time and space on some sort of linear plane or non-linear plane, spatial or something like that, 4-D maybe. Christ, I don't know, Google it. Anyways, hopefully this weekend drags on forever because the temps are supposed to be above 50 both days with some adequate sunshine beginning tomorrow afternoon and mostly cloudy skies Sunday but a bit warmer temps. I'm looking forward to doubling up with 3 hour rides each day, that's about my limit right now as I ride myself back in to shape. I'd like to do more but I'm trying to be smart about my riding and I don't want to overdo it right away as I play catch-up to those that have been riding throughout the winter. My weight is still not coming along as well as I'd like but I'm starting to turn the screws a bit and hope to cut it down fairly quickly. As the weeks progress I'll get in longer and longer rides and will start to get out to do some organized rides and maybe take a weekend trip or two to enjoy some hillier roads, Blue Mounds is on my list for sure.
On another note, I got my USAC Coaching certification so I'm now a level 3 coach (only) but will continue to learn as much as I can and hope to obtain a level 2 certification as soon as possible. I've got to figure out how I want to go about doing some coaching just to get some experience, I'll probably just start with friends and family that ride and some word of mouth, but at this point I'm not looking to take anyone on for payment, I need to organize things a bit first. I'm working on my American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer certification as well so I hope to tie them both together to do some coaching and training together, probably work part time at a fitness center as well. There is the Princeton Club by my house which is a huuggge fitness center, so a weekend job or weeknights there in the winter may be in order. No way I'd do it over the summer though, I need to bike or I'd go crazy. Well, more crazy than I already am. That's it for now, good riding to everyone this weekend, until next time.........

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