Friday, March 27, 2009

Snowshoeing Anyone?

So last night was not too shabby at all, lower 50s, but a bit cloudy and it did sprinkle on me a bit but that stopped after about 15 minutes. I was at work at 6:00 so was heading out the door at 4:00 with the intention of being on the bike at 4:30. I got home though and it was pretty dark and had just started raining so I figured I'd wait it out for 20 minutes or so. It started to clear up after about 10 minutes so I figured I'd head out and got out the door at 5:00. I got in a very nice 2 hour ride and if I had my light on the bike I would've ridden about 20-30 minutes more. There were a lot of people out walking, running, and riding, most of them probably figuring it could be the last time for the next few days. We are supposed to get anywhere from 4 to 9 inches of snow depending upon how cold it gets overnight, it might be a slushy mix, but there is no doubt that it will snow some at least. Either way it appears cycling outside is not going to happen this weekend so I'm looking at getting out the snowshoes if it does snow enough, we'll have to see what happens. If it doesn't snow enough then I'll probably just ride the bike inside for a little over the weekend to maintain fitness, maybe 90 minutes or so each day Saturday and Sunday. I'm not going to try to do what I was doing last year or the year before where I was riding 3 hours each day on the trainer if I couldn't get outside, I don't really have a reason to do that this year. It's kind of nice mentally because then I don't feel pressured and I can get some stuff done around the house too this weekend, maybe even relax by a fire in the fireplace (versus anywhere else in the house obviously). I wish I could've taken some pics last night to make this post more interesting, but my cell phone was tucked nicely in my jersey pocket under my rain jacket in case it started raining a lot so I wasn't going to try to dig it out.
In the meantime here is a link with a pic to Cole House, a Wisconsin local, who won a fairly prestigious race in Belgium for U23 riders, great job to him and good exposure for Wisco riders. Check it out......

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