Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back Roads Bonanza

The weather was pretty nice for today's Back Roads Time Trial, with temps at start time hovering around 70-75 degrees and winds of about 10-15 mph. I felt tired while I was warming up, just a little heavy in the legs and I didn't really feel like I could push a big gear. Well that all changed once I took off from the start line and was motivated to chase the guy in front of me. I felt o.k. going in to the headwind on the way out and was surprised at the size of a couple of the hills, one of them had me down to 16mph. I hit the turn around point at an average speed that was a little slower than I had hoped for based on last year's times, as I was averaging 23.0 as I hit the turn-around cone. I knew that I would have a crosswind or a tailwind on the way back and I tried to ramp it up as I was gaining on my minute man and I kept telling myself I could catch him. I saw my average speed go up a bit on the way back but not nearly as I much as I had hoped and I thought my finishing time was going to be worse than it ended up being. I finished about 14 seconds behind my minute man, almost catching him, and ended up with a time of 22:29, good enough for 2nd place on the day. Times were a little slower this year than last year for some, maybe it was windier than last year but I wasn't there so I can't be sure. Overall I'm happy with what I did, I think if I remember right from the results I would've place 6th or 7th in the Master's 1/2/3, not too shabby. So I guess it was a good day and this week I'll be shifting some of my focus to shorter, more intense intervals as we have a lot of crits coming up in the next few weekends. My ride times will remain the same but instead of the longer Steady State Intervals I'll be doing shorter 3-4 minute Power Intervals, big time fun for sure. Riiiiiight. Anyways, off to mow the lawn, eat some dinner, and relax with a movie. Until next time.............

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