Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Team Wheaton Flying High!

The team had a great weekend, we had 6 top-10 finishes over the 2 days of racing in Grafton and Fond du Lac. Saturday in Grafton we barely missed out on getting 4 riders in the top 10 as we finished 4th, 6th, 8th, and 11th in the bunch sprint. A bunch of the other guys finished really strong as well, with everyone doing a ton of work and riding strong all race at the front of the pack. It was a great atmosphere and a great day. Sunday we headed up to Fond du Lac and with 4 of us lining up for the start it was a smooth, fast race until the last corner as it started to really rain with 2 laps to go and there was a crash coming in to the last turn for the sprint. Doug and Andy managed great finishes with a 3rd and an 8th place, and although I got my rear wheel taken out and had to go off-roading, I still managed a 10th place as the camera caught me off in the grass. I think I got 10th only because everyone behind me quit after the crash and just rode in, I was mad and kept sprinting through the line off in the gravel and grass. Oh well. The team was great, everyone was strong all weekend long and we are only getting better. Can't wait to see how some of these guys finish out this year and how strong they will be next year.
As for me, I only have 3 more WCA races left, then the State Crit Championship, and then I'm upgrading. After upgrading, who knows how many races I will actually do for the rest of the year. There is only one more WCA race after June 30th, and that isn't until August. There is SuperWeek, but my vacation time is almost gone and the races are during the day so I'll have to pick 2 or 3 of the weekend races to do and that will be it. Basically it's June, and my season is already winding down. I may do some other races, like the Tour of Elk Grove or one of those down in IL, but that would be about it, and those aren't until August either. Well, gotta get back to work, until next time.........

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