Monday, June 04, 2007

Wild Weekend

Well, kind of.....Saturday I did not get a ride in due to my sister-in-law's wedding and the rain we had most of the weekend. I was going to ride the trainer on Saturday morning before I had to head out to Waukesha for the ceremony but it was early and I was tired so I decided to just do some cleaning up around the house instead. I headed out to the wedding after that and it was a blast, we had a really good time and there was great food, dancing, and of course, beer. Sunday I woke up a little later in the morning and after looking outside I realized I should check the radar to see if the storms were going to be passing through or sticking around for a while. Well, it looked like we'd get a break later in the afternoon so I did some stuff around the house and did some grocery shopping with my wife. I took off at around 4:30 on the bike and although the clouds looked ominous I headed West to do repeats up one of my favorite hills. I got in about 3 repeats and set a new PR up the hill so I was feeling good....but then right at the end of the 3rd repeat the rain started coming down. Luckily I brought my rain jacket so I threw that on and went in to time trial mode trying to get home as it was lightning behind me and the clouds were black as could be. I got to within about 5 minutes of home and the rain lightened up a bit to a drizzle and I contemplated staying out some more but I didn't really feel like getting sick so I headed home. I dried off the bike, changed my clothes and headed downstairs to finish the ride on the trainer. I got in another hour on the trainer for a total of 2 hours and change. Quite a bit less than I wanted to do but I'm not overly concerned that I missed an extra 90 minutes of training. I was able to do my climb in 2:28 whereas my best time prior to Sunday was 2:45, so a 17 second improvement on a climb of that duration shows my form is pretty good right now, so I guess I didn't need that extra time. Well, I'm sure I could use it, but oh well. Today will be an hour recovery pace ride just to keep the blood flowing in the legs. Tomorrow will be 2.5 to 2.75 hours with two 20 minute Steady State intervals as my secondary workout. I've been doing shorter Steady States of 9 minutes the last few weeks but I wanted to increase my time spent at that intensity so I'm cutting the quantity in half and doubling the duration of each interval this week, so I'm doing 2 instead of 4 but doing 20 minutes instead of 9. That will change it up a little bit and make my body respond a little differently than it would with the shorter workouts. After this week I'll go in to more intense short Power Interval type workouts in anticipation of all the crits I have coming up in the next 4-5 weeks.
I'd also like to wish a speedy recovery to all my teammates that crashed at the Trek 100 this weekend, it's really a bummer to crash in a charity ride, especially a crash of the magnitude that they had. I hope they all recover and will be ready for the races this weekend. Until next time.........

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