Thursday, June 07, 2007

Better Days

This week has kind of been a crappy week, of course things could always be better, but I have just felt a little down this week in terms of energy and enthusiasm. I haven't been sleeping a lot lately so that probably has something to do with it. I've had 3 early days so far this week at work, and have one more tomorrow, today is the only day I got to sleep until 6:30. The bike training has been going fairly well, Monday was an easy ride, just an hour to keep the legs moving. Tuesday was a 2.5 hour ride after work with a couple of practice TT efforts thrown in. I did the first one for 20 minutes at 92% and didn't really push it for average speed or anything, I just was getting warmed up for my second effort which I had planned on tracking the distance and average speed to see how I would compare to Sunday's TT. I did an out and back course with a cross-tailwind going out and a cross-headwind coming back with some moderate hills. I was flying going out but once I hit the turn-around the headwind killed me a bit because it was about 15-20 mph. I only ended up averaging 24.1 for the 20 minutes, which was below my expectations. I figured for the race Sunday I will need to average 26 at least to be top 2 or 3. I think the adrenaline of the race and having someone in front of me will be worth another mph so if I did 25.1 I think that would put me top 5 or 6. I also didn't have on a skinsuit and had open helmet vents so who knows, maybe I'll do better than 25.1.....or maybe I'll just have a bad day and do worse. I felt pretty wiped last night after a long work day, and after Tuesday's effort, so when I got home I felt like going to bed right away but obviously it was too early for that. I ate some dinner and thought about riding but I just said forget it and decided to go to bed early. It was probably the right choice because I wouldn't have had a good ride anyways. Tonight it looks like we are going to get a good storm and the wind is crazy right now, 40mph gusts, so it looks like it will be a night on the trainer. I'm motivated to ride as of right now so most likely it will be 2 hours and tonight I'll be doing some Steady States and Power Intervals in the 2nd hour of the ride. Tomorrow will be an easier 2 hour ride outside hopefully and then Saturday will be a 2 to 2.5 hour ride right away in the morning, probably 7:00 or so. I'm skipping the State Road Race because I just have too much going on at home right now and I will be gone for 2 races next weekend, 3 races the weekend after, 2 races the weekend after that and then 1 race the following weekend. Basically for the next 4 weeks I won't have a single Saturday to get things done around the house. We just moved in to our house 2 years ago and there is still so much to do, so Saturday will be spent catching up on some of those things. Well, that's it for now....until next time.............

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