Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Loving It!!

Today could not have been much better, it was absolutely perfect out for my ride tonight. Warm, not much wind, sunny, and there were a ton of bikers out on the roads. I got home and headed right out the door after changing and just got back from a nice 2.5 hour ride and I've got some pasta boiling on the stove right now. Can't wait to eat cause I'm starving right now. I did a route out to Waukesha, did a big loop out there and then came back home. Today I did Tempo and sprint work. Tempo was my primary workout obviously as that lasted almost the entire duration of the ride. I did about 6 sprints, 3 flat-road sprints for signs and then 3 downhill sprints to help build leg speed that I can't really achieve on flat roads at that speed. I hit 36.5 on the flat for my max sprint and hit 45.0 on a downhill but I was spinning out my 53x12 so that was the best I could do. I felt really good today, I think the high I was on from having such beautiful weather contributed to that. Yesterday I was having some quad soreness from Sunday's TT as I'm normally not used to sitting so far forward over the top of the crank to push the bigger gears. I was feeling it a little bit this morning yet as well, but by the time I rode this evening my legs were feeling 100%. It was definitely a day that makes being a biker rider worth it. Tomorrow will be bit longer ride, per my schedule anyways, 2.75 hours with 6x3 minute PowerIntervals being my primary workout. Basically high RPM, lung burning, type of efforts that will really benefit me for the next few weeks until I get through all these crits. I'll do those for about 3 weeks and then move on to SpeedIntervals which is assuming I can find some vacation time to do some SuperWeek races. If I decide to use the remainder of my vacation to do some SuperWeek races then I won't have a day off other than holidays for the rest of the year after July. That's a problem for me, so I'll be taking the next couple of weeks to think about how I'm going to work that out. Anyways, pasta is done, time to eat.....until next time........

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