Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Could Be Better

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been very cooperative of late but I did manage to ride twice this past weekend. I rode for 1.5 hours in the rain on Saturday after getting some work done on the house in the afternoon, and then rode for 2.5 hours on Sunday around Alpine Valley from Burlington. I felt o.k. on Saturday but didn't feel particularly strong although I was riding my crappy-weather Pinarello with the big steel frame and heavy cyclocross tires. Sunday was a little better but still quite cold in the mist and there was a bit of a cold wind that went right through me. I rode from Burlington to Alpine Valley and rode up every hill along the way that I could find in preparation for Baraboo #2 on Saturday. I felt sluggish up the hills and mentally I was struggling. I think part of it was getting used to my new shoes as I was constantly trying to adjust my foot position and I have never been a good cold weather rider, so the weather definitely affected me. Overall my health feels good as I think I have kicked the cold that has held me back the last couple of weeks but I still have a lot of hard training ahead to get to where I want to be. Well, it's still raining today, hopefully it will clear up by the time I get home so that I can do a nice 2 to 2.25 hour ride after work. The plan for today on the ride is 60 minutes of Tempo work to build aerobic power, should be no problem.

It's becoming a broken record but here's another picture of the radar.....rain, rain, and more rain!!!!!!!

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