Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Little Sore, But Feelin' Better

Today I'm feeling a little better than yesterday, I'm still sore but not as stiff as I was when I woke up yesterday. My road rash doesn't really hurt any more, the pain is mainly in the joints that got bruised... the elbows, left knee and hip, and my neck. I rode last night for about an hour and 15 minutes to loosen up and felt pretty good with the exception of my right elbow. I do have a bruise and scrape on that elbow but it didn't really hurt until I rode last night, I couldn't put any weight on it at all for some reason. Other than that, everything was good and luckily for me this is a regeneration week so I had planned on taking it easy this week anyways. Tonight I'll most likely be riding for 1.25 hours on the rollers as we are supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow if the weather is good I'll be out for about 1.75 hours with a couple of intervals thrown in to keep the engine running smooth. Friday will be an off day and Saturday I am planning on going to Blue Mounds with my dad to ride 100-120 miles around the Blue Mounds/Dodgeville area. He has an organized tour in that area called the Horrible Hilly Hundred in two weeks and wants to ride the course to make sure he is ready. It should be a fun 6-6.5 hours of riding through all the big hills in that area. Sunday will be an easy day as I will probably be going to my mom's in Burlington for a picnic so I'll probably just do a recovery ride to clean out from Saturday. My next race isn't for 4 weeks so I have plenty of time to train in the coming weeks and plan to make the most of it. Well, until next time...........

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