Thursday, May 04, 2006

Feeling Pretty Good

Last night was a really good ride even though I initially didn't feel like riding outside because I was feeling a little sore and under the weather. Well, once I got on the road I felt great and the sun was out and it was about 75 degrees so the ride was perfect. I rode with Al and Tom out of New Berlin and we rode the backroads through Waukesha and Pewaukee all the way to Delafield and then back to New Berlin. It was a fairly hilly route and I pushed it hard up all the hills and felt like I was pretty strong and my lungs felt pretty good but lactic acid built up in the legs pretty quickly. I think I'm about as ready as I'll be for the race Saturday because the next two days won't make much of a difference in my training. Tonight I'll be doing about a 2 hour endurance ride with a few climbs up a long hill by my house. I'm going to keep the heart rate pretty low the whole time to recover from the last two days and there really is no reason to push myself now. Tomorrow will be a rest day with about a 45 minute ride with 3-4 sprints thrown in to open up the legs. Thankfully I have off of work tomorrow also so I'll be doing some yard work during the day and getting my rest at night. I also found out the results for Saturday's race and I ended up finishing 26th which was not in the points for the Wisconsin Cup. After two races I am now ranked 21st in points (all from the 1st race) after being ranked 17th last week. I'll definitely improve this weekend because from what I've seen a lot of the Master's racers can't climb very well. Until next time...........

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