Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Down And Out

Last night was not a good ride with the Velocity team, I got a bad side stitch that I could not get rid of about 20 miles in to the ride and had some trouble breathing because it hurt to bad to breathe deep. As a result of that I had some trouble staying with them when they hammered a few times, but did manage to cling to the back of the pack. I definitely wasn't feeling very strong overall and I could tell all day at work that I wasn't up to par. I felt somewhat nauseous all day and was having some stomach pains. My sinuses are still draining and I'm 6 days in to my course of antibiotics. Excuses, excuses, but I think my body was working to repair or fight this cold and chest congestion that I've had and so I just didn't have the energy to ride efficiently. I'm going to need a lot of rest heading in to Saturday's race as it is a hilly road race and I can't afford to be tired or just plain over-extended in my training in order to do well there. Tonight I'm somewhat hoping that it will rain so that I can just do a nice recovery ride of 2 hours on the rollers and then tomorrow I'll do a nice hard ride possibly before work and then another recovery ride at night. Friday will be a short ride with some sprints thrown in to open the engine up a little bit and then Saturday morning I'll be racing. I get my new custom racing kit tomorrow and Friday so I'm pretty excited to have that for the race Saturday. I'll be switching from red to green for my primary colors. I ordered a custom "bc velo" jersey from Velowear and got the matching green shorts and shoe covers. I also ordered some new silver Adidas shoes as my Sidis are pretty worn out. Until next time............


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