Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Yesterday was another day of rain and some lackluster training as I had a pretty full schedule. After work it was raining of course so I wasn't able to ride outside and I had to bring Xavier to Boy Scouts at 6:45 so there wasn't enough time to hit the rollers before that as I had to make dinner also. Melissa was at the spa with my mom getting facials so I had to hold down the fort and take care of the boy and the dog. I took care of dinner and managed to clean up a few things around the house and then dropped Xavier off at Boy Scouts. I got home and jumped on the rollers right away after popping the movie "Munich" in to the DVD player. I had to pick Xavier up at 8:30 so I pretty much rode until about 8:20 and then jumped off to go get him in my bike shorts and jersey as I didn't have to get out of the car. I got back and jumped on the bike for another 15 minutes and then Melissa came home so I had to get off to hear all about her night at the spa. All total I got in about 1.5 hours on the rollers at a steady pace, nothing great but it was good to clean out the legs from Sunday as I didn't ride on Monday. I have to say I was also enjoying "Munich" and only got to watch about 1 hr 40 minutes of its 2hr 45 minute total. I'll be putting that back in tonight to finish it off. It's a great movie about the 72' Olympics and the Israeli hostage situation. It concentrates more on the aftermath and the hunt for the masterminds behind the plot and has great dialogue and action, I'd definitely recommend it. .........Tonight the weather is supposed to clear up enough to get on the road and ride so I think I'll be doing about 2.25 hrs with my Steady State intervals thrown in that I didn't get to do yesterday. I'll probably take the Root River Pkwy to the Whitnall Park Crit course and do my intervals there and then ride another loop around New Berlin before heading home. Hopefully the weather holds out and I can at least get in the interval workout. I was going to rant today about my search for a good bike seat but I've already written enough so I'll add that on to tomorrow's post or if I have time tonight I'll add another post today. Until next time.........

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