Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blah's of Winter

It's February in Wisconsin and that means the weather can be crappy or it could be good enough to ride, and in most cases it is both in a single day. Well, this week it appears that it will be nice through Thursday with temps of 38 and 39 degrees for Wednesday and Thursday and sun both days. That doesn't help me at all as I'm confined to a cubicle those days and of course when the weekend comes it is going to be least that's what they are saying now. It appears the weather is going to take a turn for the worst on Friday and be a snow/rain mix from Friday until next Wednesday. I really wanted to get to Devil's Lake this weekend but I think now I'm going to tentatively plan to stick around here instead and hope that the weather breaks at some point on Saturday long enough to ride for 4 or 5 hours. I'm not willing to drive 3 hours round trip just to get in some big hills when it could be raining the whole time. If need be, I'll just have to hit the trainer Saturday and then do some work around the house. We'll see what happens though, the weather here changes every other day, I might get lucky, but I think either way I'm sticking around here now.
Anyways, yesterday was a good day of training and it was the last day of my regeneration week and I'm feeling good and ready to rock for the next 3 weeks with some heavy riding. Yesterday I went to CrankDaddy's Bike Shop to ride the Computrainers with my friend Dave and once I stopped being pissed about all the freeway construction we actually had a pretty good ride. Rode for about 90 minutes there and then I came home and rode for about another 40 minutes on the trainer at night just to clean out the legs. We picked a course on the Computrainer with a good size hill and I tried to go up it at a fairly quick pace and the cooldown after that wasn't the greatest. I figured I'd ride a little extra at night just to get the blood flowing and clean out the junk in the legs. They feel great today so it was probably a good idea. Tonight is weights and I'll be upping my weight I think another 10lbs and will still stick to my 4 sets at 7-9 reps. Tomorrow is 2.5 hours on the trainer, Wed. is 2 hours, Thurs. is 2.25 hours, and Friday is a 1 hour recovery ride. Like I said earlier, I'm hoping to do 4.5 to 5 hours on Saturday and 3.5 to 3.75 hours on Sunday.
So on another note, how about that Tour of California prologue yesterday? Pretty cool how Jason Donald almost stuck it to the big boys, it looks like Levi is in great shape though and will be tough to beat. I think the deciding stage will be the TT, maybe one of the true TT guys like Zabriskie or Cancellara will come to the front, should be fun to see.
Basically the next week will be watching the ToC, riding the bike and working on the house. The last few weekends I haven't done as much as I should be in getting my kitchen complete. All the big stuff is done, it's the little stuff that I've been neglecting like finishing the molding, the backsplash, and finishing up some electrical stuff. I've either been busy or just too tired after work, but I really need to get it done before Spring as once the weather gets better I'll be outside biking all the time!
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