Monday, February 05, 2007

My Pal Erik Bruekink

So yesterday as I sat on my trainer for the 3rd hour I thought back to a question that Adrian Karsten or John Eustice asked Erik Bruekink during the 1990 Tour De Trump, "how do you deal with the boredom of riding for so long day after day?"....Erik's response was, "what das dat meeeean, bordum?" Well, I'll tell you Erik, it means riding on a trainer in your basement for 3+ hours in front of a TV screen but you aren't moving and you sweat like crazy and there is nothing to watch on a Sunday afternoon except old DVDs that you've already seen 20-30 times. That, my friend, is boredom.
I did manage to ride 3.25 hours on the trainer yesterday and unbelievably I did not die from boredom as I though was possible in my post on Friday. So my weekend total was 6.25 hours, not quite the 7 hours I had hoped but oh well, it was all I could do to stay sane. I hear the trick to putting up with the sanity of riding inside is to get a cool CompuTrainer. Well, they cost $1500, so minus the cash I have set aside for bike stuff this year, I only need another, um, $1500. Maybe next year I could put that in the family budget.
So anyways, tonight is weight work and a rest day on the bike. I'll go home, eat a good dinner after weights and then relax for the remainder of the night. I'm looking forward to going to bed tonight for the light show that my dog puts on in the dark. He usually sleeps on the bed at our feet and when the lights are out and he moves, the static electricity creates a really cool light show and of course freaks him out a little bit. He also gets up in the morning with his hair sticking straight up, threatening to shock anything that gets near him, it's pretty fun to run away from him as he unknowingly zaps me every time he gets next to me. Yeah, it's not that exciting but when it's this dry and cold, there isn't much else to get excited about right? Until next time.......

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