Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ride Outside?........Just Maybe

So the weather guys are saying that Sunday could possibly hit 24 degrees and that means I'm riding outside for sure. I think I'm going to have to head out to Lake Geneva and if the weather holds I'll be doing 4 hours, 3 loops around the lake, about 75 miles. At least I have that to look forward to this weekend as it appears that Saturday is only going to be about 15-17 degrees, just not warm enough to ride outside for me, but we'll see, maybe I'll drink a bottle of JD and go out anyways. I can see that by the end of next week it appears that the temps are going to go up again to the upper 20s and low 30s so I'm excited about that. So anyways, last night was not quite the night I expected for training as it was my friend Jason's birthday and he is going to be gone this weekend so last night was the only night we could celebrate. I hate to say it but I skipped training last night and went out for dinner with him and his wife and my family. I missed riding the bike but friends take priority and it's nice to take a little break every now and then to spend time with them. I had a couple good size beers last night as well with dinner so that didn't help in the weight loss area, but I'll work that off this weekend as I will be riding a lot and have a lot of work to do around the house that will help burn some calories as well.
Now that I skipped last night's training, let's move on to the stuff that I won't be skipping out on, as far as I know anyways. Tonight is weight work with my friend Dave, and then I'll be doing a fairly easy one hour spin on the rollers. Tomorrow I'll be doing 3.75 hours most likely inside but if I can manage getting out at all tomorrow I'll certainly try, like I said it's going to be cold. I might be able to suck it up for and hour and a half or two hours outside and then move inside for the remainder but we'll see. Sunday it's going to be a little better and I will most certainly be riding outside, hopefully for about 4 hours barring any change in temps. So that's about it, can't wait for the opportunity to ride outside again after a couple of weeks indoors, and if I don't get outside you might see me get a little crazy by next week. I'll update again tomorrow with a post that hopefully says I got outside for at least a little bit otherwise I'll be posting some rant about the trainer again. Until next time......


scootsonmoots said...'s like a heat wave. get outside sucker. and don't forget, everything in moderation. that includes time on the bike. i figure arkansas will be my base building period.

bc said...

I decided on the way home that I was riding outside for sure tomorrow. I walked out of work to a nice, sunny 11 degrees and said to myself that it was 750% warmer than the -15 last week so it's almost like summer. (I used fuzzy math, carried some numbers, counted on my toes, could be off +/- 750%).

scootsonmoots said...

shout at dave or i later. we're thinking of hooking up with ya tomorrow to ride.