Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sweating Buckets....Inside

So it's been about as cold as they said it was going to be, right now it's -3 with a wind chill of -26 so needless to say I did not ride outside yesterday and will not be riding outside today. I had a pretty enjoyable day yesterday, I got quite a bit done around the house and rode on the trainer for 3 hours in the afternoon. It was a long 3 hours and that was about my limit for boredom as I hit 3 hours exactly and jumped right off, more than happy to be done for the day. I did a bit of Tempo work, about 40 minutes worth and the rest was basically at Endurance Pace. The rest of the evening was spent by the fireplace with a good book and a bottle of vino, I actually stayed up pretty late, until about 1:30 which is the longest I've stayed up in about 2 months. I got up a little later this morning, about 9:30, and had a nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes and a peppermint latte. I've got some logs going now in the fireplace and will start some housework shortly and then will probably ride later in the day, starting right before the Super Bowl. I'll ride during the game and will do another 3 hours today, hopefully it will be a close game and I won't think too much about the trainer. Today will be another short Tempo workout, 40 minutes again, and the rest will all be Endurance Pace.
In the next few weeks I'll be concentrating mainly on getting in some miles and doing some Tempo work and will also be increasing the weight on my lifting days starting tomorrow. The 10-day forecast looks pretty crappy with no temperatures even close to 20 degrees until at least next week Sunday, hopefully that will change as the week progresses otherwise it will be another weekend of riding inside.
On the team front, we should be getting our new team kits hopefully within the next month, which would be great especially if the weather doesn't change much. I've got a winter riding jacket and some winter bib shorts coming and they would definitely come in handy sooner than later. We are also having a team get-together on Friday, the 16th so if anyone from the team is reading this and thinking about skipping out, please go and catch up with some of the old guys and meet the new guys. This team is somewhat rare in that we haven't met as a team in any capacity since November of last year, on all my previous teams there was at least a bi-monthly meeting, if not monthly. I know it's a bit different with a team of mostly Masters racers because they all have jobs and families to attend to, but I don't think it's asking too much to meet once every, what, 3 months. When you join a team you make a commitment, and it's not like this team asks for a lot so hopefully everyone who doesn't have a previous commitment that night will show up....that's my two-cents. Well, time to get some stuff done around the house so I'm ready to ride later....until next time..............

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