Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting It Done

Well, I've been away for a couple of days but it was a good break to actually get things done around the house and to re-assess some of my program. The last few days have been pretty busy and yesterday was actually a really good day for me as I accomplished a lot on the house and also managed to get in a long ride. Since Wednesday evening I've managed to clear up some of the nagging things around the house and still stick to my program for the most part. There are still quite a few things to do around the house but those will get done over time and I'm willing to put some of the things off for a while just so I have a good balance of house time and biking. Just to give a history, we bought our house in New Berlin two years ago this month and although it's a very nice house at a bit over $200,000 we still needed to put a lot of work in to it because the previous owners neglected quite a few things and did a half-ass job on the few things that they did upgrade. So I've been re-doing the kitchen for a while now and will basically re-do the family room, living room, bedrooms and the garage. Obviously I'm not going to re-build all those rooms but basically upgrade the carpeting with slate or better carpeting, re-paint the walls, add more insulation, re-do the baseboard molding....those kinds of things. We've already put in all new windows in every room, and new exterior doors and storm doors. So as you can see, it's a lot of work and that's the reason I've been stressing out a bit. We'll be here a while though so I've decided not too worry too much about it any more.
Anyways, in spite of all that I've managed to get some weight work done and get in some bike practice. Thursday evening I went to the fitness center after work and did a lot of stretching for my knees and hamstrings and did high rep/low weight sets on the weight machines. After I got home I rode on the trainer in an easy gear for 1 hour 45 minutes at an easy pace just to take it easy on the knees. Friday evening I did the same stretching and weight work routine and then went out to dinner with some friends. Yesterday wasn't really a good day to ride outside so I hit the trainer in the evening for a 3 hour 30 minute ride. Yeah I know, so much for taking it easy right? Well I actually rode an easy gear again just to keep the knees feeling good and really had no problems at all. The point of the ride was just to get some good hours in the saddle and I did just that so I'm happy. Today I'm planning the same thing, 3.5 hours on the trainer this evening after a trip to Home Depot to get some supplies. I'll take it easy again and hopefully have another relatively pain-free ride. Tomorrow is a rest day on the bike but I will do my stretching and weights again and then will hit the bike again Tuesday. Well, in spite of the weather, my motivation is still right up there, I just have to maybe take it easy with the big gears for a week or two and then I'll get back in to the heavier workouts. I'm going to the doc on Tuesday to have some structural stuff checked like leg-length discrepancy and pelvis asymmetry so maybe he'll find something.
I've got to get going here pretty quickly though, my other teamates are putting me to shame with a nice 80mile + ride this past week out by Alpine Valley and Lake Geneva. Look out for Team Wheaton this year! Well, time to brave this snow and get to Home Depot, until next time........

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