Monday, April 02, 2007

Back To The Trainer

Well it looks like this week is going to be another week back on the trainer unless the weather drastically improves. Today wasn't bad but it was a rest day on the bike for me so I got up on the roof with the leaf blower and cleaned out my gutters ahead of the rain that is coming. After that I had some dinner and watched a bit of TV and relaxed. I'm hitting the rack a bit earlier tonight to get some much needed rest, I've been up early the last 3 days in a row and it's starting to wear on me. As far as training goes I've got some Tempo work scheduled for tomorrow, basically a standard ride on the trainer assuming it's going to rain. I've got 2.75 hours total scheduled with 55 minutes of Tempo in the last hour and then a cooldown. Wednesday will be some weight work right after work and then I'll come home and hit the trainer for 2.5 hours with 4x10 min Steady State intervals. Thursday will just be a regular endurance pace ride of 2.75 hours after work and then Friday is just a 1 hour recovery pace ride. It will be good to get in my two hard rides early in the week then do two good recovery type rides as I'd like to make Saturday a really hard ride if the weather cooperates. Depending on what the wife has planned for our Easter weekend I'd like to get out in the afternoon after the temps warm up and do about 4.5 to 5 hours around Lake Geneva or Alpine Valley. Depending on how much time I have I might drive out to either Burlington or Lake Geneva for my start point so that I can spend more time doing the hills in the area before heading back. If I have to start in New Berlin I'll only be able to do one loop of Alpine before heading back because that is a 90 mile ride out and back and that's about my limit right now for an intense ride. Sunday we have Easter plans in the morning right away and then in the late afternoon again so I will definitely squeeze in 3 hours and probably even 4 hours in the late morning/early afternoon. The plan on Sunday is to ride to Delafield and back as of right now. Well, that's it for the week, it will be a good mix of intensity Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and some more relaxed rides Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I'll keep you posted on the progress, until next time......

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