Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Challenging Weather

So as of right now it is drizzling out and that might make for a challenging outdoor ride tonight as it is supposed to start a full on rain at about 6:00 and the radar doesn't look good. It's about 4:30 so by the time I get home in 60 minutes we'll see how the weather is before I decide to layer up the clothing and head outside. It may just end up being another trainer ride tonight, I really hope not. I guess normally I would ride in the drizzle but I am still feeling the tinge of a sore throat that I've had for about a week but I'm doing a good job of fighting it so I don't want to get caught in a full-on rain and really get sick. Tomorrow looks like more of the same but I'm planning on going to Whitnall to get in some training with some of the team guys so it better not rain, we have to be ready for Saturday. We have a strong team and I'm really looking forward to changing up our tactics for Saturday's race as we should have a good size group from the team and we'll make a splash for sure. I'm not giving anything else away but it should be a fun race.
Well, to look back at this past weekend I think it was good overall, I got a 5th and an 8th and I feel good that I was very active in both races although I would've been happier with some higher placings, but there are a lot of races left. Saturday I probably would have done everything the same except for lead out the sprint, I think I would have placed better if I started 3rd or 4th in line. Aaron was pulling strong heading up the little rise before the finish and when he peeled off I was just kind of left there in the front, it wasn't ideal but I wasn't about to put on the brakes. As far as Sunday's race, I think I would've chased the initial break a little sooner and tried to chase it down before it got 10-15 seconds. It was hard to close any gaps in the wind and even though I tried to work with a couple of other guys Aaron was just too strong. I think I'm gradually building power as that just comes with time on the bike and pushing the gears, my sprint is coming along fairly quickly, probably quicker than I thought. The last thing I need to work on is my hill climbing, that leaves a little to be desired. Sauk City in 2 weeks might be a challenge for me but maybe I'll have to just go off the front so they can catch me on the hills and then I won't be left behind. Probably not the best strategy, I might have to work on that. Well, back to work really quick, more to follow this week, don't want to give away too much of the training secrets and strategy. Until next time........

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