Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Take 3 Ibuprofen and Call Me In The Morning

So we probably didn't get as much snow as the weathermen forecasted but it seems like a lot, maybe 6-7 inches I would guess. It's the heavy, wet stuff too so as I got home today and decided to shovel I knew that I was going to suffer tomorrow with some back pain. Last time I shoveled snow like this I was bent over for 2 days in agony. So what the heck, I figured I'd do it again. This time I took some Ibuprofen ahead of time as preventative medicine, who knows if that will help but I figured it wouldn't hurt. Hopefully all this stuff is gone by the time Sunday rolls around, I don't want to deal with the snow melting on to the course as we are racing. Not that it would be enough to make a difference as far as handling, but I just don't want to have to clean my bike again like I did after the last race.
Anyways, I did get an outside ride in yesterday before the snow came as thankfully the storm was moving way slower than they said so the only limiter on my riding was daylight. I rode down to Whitnall Park and then did an hour of loops around the course for the upcoming race and then rode home. I got in 1hr 40 minutes by the time I hit my house and figured that I'd warm up a bit by riding the trainer for another hour just to get the blood flowing through my body as my toes were frozen and my hands were pretty cold by the time I got back. When I was out on the course at Whitnall there were 3 other racers doing loops, no doubt practicing for the race as well. I basically simulated a race and did a combo of 8-9 minute intervals, hill sprints, and big gear stuff with a couple of 5 minute breaks in between a few of the efforts. All in all I was happy with how I felt and can't wait for the Whitnall race on the 28th. Tonight I am obviously getting off to a late start due to shoveling but will be on the bike in about 5 minutes and will be doing 2 hours with 55 minutes of Tempo in the last hour. I've got a movie to watch, The Good Shepard, so I'm looking forward to the ride as I heard it's a pretty good movie. Tomorrow I'll be doing just a plain ole' endurance pace ride on the trainer most likely for about 2.5 hours. Friday I've got some plans to go out with some friends and will hit the trainer for about 1 hour after work and then head out for some chow and some brew. I'm not really sure what the weekend holds yet other than the race on Sunday, basically my Saturday ride will depend on the weather. I've got a lot of work to do on the house Saturday as my sister-in-law's bridal party will be at our house on the 29th I think, so the wife is cracking the whip. Well, time to get on the bike, I'll be on it until 10:30 as it is.......until next time.........

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