Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Digressing!!!

Just kidding, but I did do worse than last week by 2 places although I'm not disappointed at all with a 5th place today. The pace was fairly fast and the team worked great together today and we pulled off two spots in the top 10. Greg and Andy worked hard today and Rudy got 10th in the sprint. I got in position in the last lap to be at the front and got on Aaron Schindler's wheel coming around the the last half-lap so I was second wheel coming up the small rise before the turn in to the finish. At the top of the hill Aaron peeled off and I was stuck leading out the sprint with about 200 meters to go and that is way too long for me so I got passed by 4 guys. My sprint is coming around but I haven't done any sprint-specific training yet this year so I guess I shouldn't expect to win any sprints yet. It was a good race and I think we all felt really good at the finish and were happy with our results. Andy did great in his first race (we won't count his start at Sheboygan), and kept his nose at the front for part of the race and looked strong. Boy, if he wouldn't have been sick, who knows how well he'd be flying now. It's a long year though and all of us will get better and I think we'll place a few of us in the final top 5 or 10 in the Series. Well, that's all for now, keeping it short, it's dinner time! I'll update again after tomorrow's race, until next time...........

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