Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy (late) Easter to everyone. It's almost 11:00 and it's definitely time for bed but can't fall asleep quite yet. It was a busy weekend and I figured I'd be tired tonight but I think all the sweets I've eaten all weekend are keeping me up, especially the cookie dough that I ate about 45 minutes ago. My weight doesn't seem like it suffered from the indulgences of Easter though as I'm still steady tonight at 178.5, about what I was on Friday morning. As I said, it was a busy weekend but I did manage to get in some rides yesterday and today but unfortunately just due to time constraints they were both done inside on the trainer. I made them difficult though with quite a few intervals, mainly PowerIntervals and Steady States. I felt good all weekend but wished I would've actually had more time in the saddle as I was only able to manage 2.5 hours both days so obviously that was way less than I had planned. I didn't count on the Easter festivities taking so much time for one, and the weather was just getting me bummed out as well. Even though it was fine for a ride today I just didn't feel like taking the time between dinners to get all bundled up to head out on a 35 degree day. I guess it just felt right to stay inside and spend more time with the family and eat as much ham and horseradish as my body could handle. Once I finished eating I did manage to get on the trainer tonight and of course I ate even more afterwards. The forecast this week is looking like crap all the way up until Sunday which is the day of my 2nd race. Thankfully the skies look like they will be clear and the temps will be below normal but a manageable 45 degrees. I'm feeling stronger this week after some really good rides so my hopes are a little higher for the next race than the 10th place I got at Sheboygan. We'll see, I'm sure everyone is stronger so there is no telling how it will play out until the racing starts. Well, that's it for now I guess, I have to be to work at 7:00 tomorrow so I suppose I better try to sleep at least. Until next time........

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