Friday, May 18, 2007

Double Trouble

This weekend will be double the fun with two races, one each on Saturday and Sunday. First up is a road race in Denzler that features a one and a quarter mile climb that gains 700ft. of elevation. It's definitely a good size climb for Wisco and I'm not sure I'm really suited for that, but what the heck, anything can happen and maybe I'll have my climbing legs on tomorrow. I've got some major head congestion right now in the sinuses and ears but the lungs are clear and the legs have been feeling good this week. I did a half-mile climb by my house last night and went up it with a new PR so I know I'm feeling good right now. Of course I should go up it faster this year than last year since it was my first year back, but I could have kept going for quite a bit longer at the pace I was going so mentally that makes me pretty confident. Anyways, Sunday is one of my favorite races and a race that I've circled on my calendar this year as an "A" race. Wheels on Willy is a nice crit course that is fairly fast and is well suited to break away attempts and I tried one last year and ended up getting 3rd after I couldn't hold off the pack in the sprint. This year I'm feeling a lot better about my chances and I'm really looking forward to that one, it's also a good money race, so winning would definitely help pay for some of the trip expenses, at least a half a tank of gas. All in all the training has been going fairly well but not great this week but I'm feeling strong going in to the weekend. The weather looks great for tomorrow, not so good for Sunday but if it rains for the crit then all the better as I think my experience and handling skills will help me out in that one. After this weekend we don't have any races for a couple of weeks so it will be two solid weeks of long and hard riding and then a bit of a taper for the State RR, I'm really looking forward to that one as well. Well, back to work, until next time.....

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