Monday, May 28, 2007

Quite A Weekend

Well, after being sick from Wednesday until Friday evening I'm feeling quite a bit better now and although I still have a bit of congestion I think I'm close to 100%. I'm in far better shape than when I was laying in bed for 3 days with a fever and intense sinus headaches. Now I just have a good case of sunburn after being outside for the last couple of days (and probably overdoing it). Yesterday I rode for 4 hours with my dad to Delafield and back and although it was windy, it was still nice and warm and we had a good feast when we got back. Today a bunch of my team-mates got together in Burlington and did a bunch of laps of the State RR course and a short loop of Alpine Valley, we had a great time and had some spirited hill sprints, attacks, and stop-sign sprints. We did just over 50 miles and about 2hrs 40 minutes on the bike. We had a great feast today as well, with lots of fruit, salads, beer, brats, and burgers. Yeah, not the best food, but darn good anyways. Tonight I'm just relaxing and will probably go to bed early as it's back to work tomorrow, can't wait. At least it's a short week as it's obviously Tuesday already tomorrow and I only have to work a half day on Friday. I'll be doing lots of riding this week and will have to work around my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend to get in a couple of long rides on Saturday and Sunday as well. Well, I'll update more as the week goes on, time to eat dinner. Until next time.........

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