Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kinda, Sorta, Somewhat Happy

6th place today, obviously could've been better, but considering that I don't really have a sprint yet I was happy with 6th in a bunch sprint.....well, what was left of the bunch after a crash before the finishing straight. I'm heading out tonight to a cook out and will be eating some filet and drinking lots of cold ones....that would be beer. Tomorrow I'm off to Burlington in the morning for Mother's Day and then since I'm out there I'll be taking advantage of my mom's proximity to the State RR course and will do about 2 hours worth of riding on that and then about 2 hours of riding around Alpine Valley. I need a good week of training ahead of the double race weekend coming up. Well, off to eat, more details on the race and tomorrow's training sometime tomorrow evening. Until next time......

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