Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fast and Faster

Yesterday was 3 hours on the rollers and trainer, just working on mechanics with Fast Pedals and then some muscular stuff with Muscle Tension intervals. I worked up a good sweat, got my HR up there and felt pretty good at the end of the day about my workout. The only problem now is after almost 13 hours this week with 3 more to go today, my arse is getting really sore, hopefully no saddle sores are going to crop up after today's ride, it seems imminent, not that you wanted to know but that's a part of getting back in to the longer durations again. Anyways, while working on my FastPedals which are normally in the 120-130rpm range I tried to really spin it out to see what I could get and got my RPMs almost as high as my HR. My goal is to be able to hit 200rpms at some point just for the fun of it, I got really close, maybe next time. Like I said, today is another 3 hours on the rollers/trainer and for the most part it will just be cleaning out my legs from my long ride Friday and my tough workout yesterday with some Tempo work for about 30-40 minutes and the rest at Endurance Pace. Here's a graph of my ride yesterday with the Fast Pedals starting near the end........

(Click to Enlarge)

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