Friday, February 08, 2008

Vacation Day

I had a vacation day from work today, so instead of sitting in a cubical all day I went out and enjoyed a nice day outside. What did I do on my vacation day, well, not much sitting around as I went out and did a 4 hour ride on the SS mtb, most of it at or near Tempo pace. The temps were not bad at all, 33 degrees, and that's warm compared to what we are going to get this weekend. I hadn't planned on going that long today, but what the heck, it was a fairly nice day and I had the time. My legs are sore now of course, but I had a great dinner of filet mignon and a big baked potato and relaxed the rest of the night watching movies with the family. I'm sure I'll be plenty recovered to do what I want to do tomorrow, which is snowshoe in the morning for about 90 minutes and then in the afternoon or evening I'll be hitting the rollers/trainer as we have to go out to Lake Geneva tomorrow to get our taxes done at 12:30 and then I'm going to visit my parents in Burlington. That'll pretty much take up the day so the indoors riding will be later in the day. I'm planning on 3 hours inside as I already will have done some snowshoeing so nothing as long as today is in order, I'll keep it shorter for sure. I think it's supposed to snow a bit as well and be windy so probably not a good day to be on the bike outside anyways. Sunday is supposed to be bitter cold so probably no snowshoeing but I will hit up the rollers/trainer again for another 3 hours, maybe 4 if I'm feeling rested up. Other than that, not much going on, I'm continuing to ramp up the hours every week and we are closing in on racing season. It seems not long ago that I created my Countdown spreadsheet which started at 180 days until race day, now I'm down to something like 55 days and time sure seems to be flying. I need more time for sure to get back up to speed so I welcome the time I have left before racing starts. Well, off to bed, until next time......

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