Monday, February 04, 2008

A Little Sore But There's No Stoppin' Me

Sooo, a little sore? What does that mean, well the crash yesterday hurt more than I thought as I was experiencing pain in my right knee when I woke up Sunday morning. Overnight my knee had swollen up from the little wipeout I had on the slick roads Saturday afternoon and it was quite stiff and sore. I decided to hold off on cycling right away in the morning and let the knee get warmed up a bit and see if I could get the swelling down. I did some work around the house, finishing up some trim around a new bathroom door and staining some window trim and then decided to sit for a bit and ice my knee. After the knee was iced I thought it might be a good idea to maybe jump on the trainer for an hour to test it out and get the blood flowing through it to help recovery. So at about 11:00 I jumped on and it was quite sore at first but after about 15 minutes I was able to pedal with minimal amounts of pain and I finished the hour feeling pretty good about the knee. I took some more downtime and finished working on my projects and then had a great dinner of chicken soft tacos, refried beans, spanish rice, and taco dip. Most of the ingredients were fat free or low fat so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Anyways, after that I figured the knee was up to doing my regularly scheduled ride so I jumped on the rollers and figured I'd hammer out some Tempo workouts during the Super Bowl. 3 hours later I had done about 75 minutes of Tempo work and the rest was just endurance pace and I was sweating buckets. I think I felt really good because those beans kept giving me a turbo, yeah, anyways.....So 4 hours on the rollers/trainer yesterday and 2.5 hours on the SS Saturday along with 45 minutes of snowshoeing with the wife made for a good weekend. My knee is still a little sore this morning, it actually feels better on the bike than off of it, I'm sure it will be completely recovered in a day or two. Tonight will be weight work and an hour easy on the trainer just to help the legs recover and keep the knee loose. This week I'll be ramping up the bike time even more and will be doing a schedule of 15.50 hours for the week, maybe more if I can get my ass up in the morning for an hour spin before work to clean out the legs from the night before. So far the days look like this - tonight (1 hour RR) - Tuesday (2 hours, w/45 min Tempo) - Wednesday (1.75 hours) - Thursday (1.75 hours, w/45 min Tempo) - Friday (1 hour RR) - Saturday (4 hours, w/75 min Tempo) - Sunday (4 hours). If I have time I'll be doing an extra hour in the mornings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. So it could be up to 18.50 hours this week, but we'll see. Well, that's it for now, until next time......

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