Thursday, February 14, 2008

Same ole', Same ole'

Well, more snow and more trainer rides have been, and will be, on the schedule. We're supposed to get 1-3 inches today, not that bad, but what does it matter when we already have like 18-20 inches on the ground, none of it is melting any time soon. This week has been a pretty normal week, did weights on Monday and Wednesday, and trainer rides on Tuesday, Wednesday, this morning, and will ride again tonight, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday before my rest day on Monday. I've been using my Garmin Edge 305 for the last two weeks and I have to say that it has everything I need consolidated in to one device (well, except for a power meter). It's great to be able to download my entire workout in to the training software and check out my HR, cadence, speed, elevation, and it breaks everything down by HR zone and of course there are many more functions with the GPS that I won't get in to here. I used to have to take my HR monitor and my cyclocomputer and write down the totals for each workout and then I would put them manually in to Excel, now I just hook up a USB cable to the PC and it's all there in an instant. Way more convenient. So anyways, this week has been alot of Tempo work, some Muscle Tension stuff and tonight will be Fast Pedals and One-Legged Pedaling to work on biomechanics. This weekend I'll be doing lots of snowshoeing and I doubt that I'll be able to get on the road because of the snow, but we'll see, otherwise it's on the trainer for about 3-3.5 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. Racing starts 8 weeks from this week, that means a lot of intense training coming up in the next 7 weeks and then the 8th week will be somewhat of a taper week as my 7th week will be up to 24-26 hours on the bike and then I'll rest for a week and race on April 5th. Hopefully the weather is a little better than it was last year for the first race.....well, that's it for now, until next time..........

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