Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, after a little hiatus I got back on the bike this weekend and felt really good. I did a group ride on Saturday with about 15-20 people that left from the YMCA by my house and we did a nice rolling loop of 43 miles with one really steep hill. There were a couple of training breakaways and hill sprints and I was pretty dominant in both respects. One of the riders did a breakaway and was flying down the road and two other guys took chase at about 29 mph with me on their wheels. 29 mph seemed easy so I figured I'd kick it up a notch and rode across the gap at 33 mph and after I caught the breakaway rider I looked back and the other two were off my wheel and about 50 yards back. As the ride continued we got to a really steep hill and the aforementioned breakaway rider decided that the steep hill was a great place for a sprint so he took off and I decided to go after him and it didn't take me long to catch and pass him up at the top of the hill. I looked behind me at the top of the hill and again everyone was about 50 yards back. Later in the ride I found out that the guy I was chasing down pretty easily on the breakaways finished 2nd in the Whitewater race, which happens to be my first race on April 22nd. It definitely made me feel pretty good about my chances for that race. Sunday I had to stick to the rollers because of the rain and rode for 1 hr and 30 minutes with 40 minutes of Tempo. All in all it was a good weekend of riding and it really helped to raise my confidence. Tomorrow is a rest day and I will just be relaxing around the house and of course going to work. Well, until next time.............

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