Friday, April 28, 2006

Going For The Win

This week has been a relatively good week of training although it is a regeneration week so my volume was decreased this week so that I could be ready for an increased training load next week. Tuesday I did a 1 hour 30 minute ride with 40 minutes of Tempo and I felt pretty good for the most part. Wednesday I did a ride with Tom, Al and Dan in New Berlin for 2 hours at a pretty good pace. I wanted to keep the heart rate pretty low as I had a ceiling of 88% since it was only an Endurance Mile day of training. Unfortunately they were pushing the pace and I probably worked a little more than I wanted to although I kept myself out of the wind and didn't do any pulls when we were riding a paceline. The guys didn't seem to mind that I sucked their wheels the whole ride as they know that I'm pretty strict about my training. Thursday I did a 1 hour 30 minute ride around tomorrow's race course at Whitnall Park with 3 sets of 9 minute Steady State intervals. The course is pretty tough with 3 good hills over the 2.3 mile loop and if yesterday's wind was any indication then there will be a nice headwind coming up the finishing hill. I didn't have the best of legs yesterday so I'm hoping that I feel a little better tomorrow otherwise I might have some trouble hanging with the group. I feel that I can climb better than most of the Masters racers though so hopefully even if I am tired I will be able to hang. Tonight will be a rest night although I'll probably do 20 minutes on the rollers just to clean out the legs. I will post results tomorrow after the race. Also, American Chris Horner won yesterday's stage of the Tour of Romandie in Switzerland and had a pretty cool victory salute with the guns blazing.....

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